Friday 5 February 2016

I love alcohol

welcome to my canvas inspiration for this months challenge at

The theme this month is Anything Goes.

I thought I would take a step back in time to a technique I haven't done for a long time. Many years ago I used to go to a craft shop that has now closed and had some fantastic times their learning lots to do with alcohol inks and I have loved them ever since.

This is a very messy technique but worth the mess. Put down a water proof mate to catch the excess ink that runs off you will be using this later. Take a canvas,even the cheap ones you can get, and submerge it in water so that it is wet through ( see told you it was messy ). Then you take the alcohol inks and drop spots of ink onto the canvas, have the canvas at an angle so the inks will run down. The water lets the inks spread and run and create their own patterns so you will never do two the same. then you just put it to one side to dry.  See it's really easy.

Then it's just decoration time. The large flowers are lengths of plain ribbon, white is best, the just put it into all that ink you have on the mat to colour it in the same colours. When dry run a cotton threasd along one edge and gather it up to make flowers. Then there are small silk flowers, fluffy yarns, bits of rusty wire anything you fancy really arrange onto your canvas as you wish. I hope you all like it, I enjoyed getting messy again, 

I would like to enter this canvas in the following challenges